What are the top 10 most popular social media apps?

Top 10 Most popular social media apps.Social media has swept the globe in the last ten years. More than 3 billion people use social media apps regularly, and this number is only rising. It makes sense that there are so many clear/separate social media apps given how popular social media apps is. What are the most widely used social media apps then? The top 10 social media apps include Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, QQ, Tumblr, and Twitter, according to a recent study. Each of these social media apps has more than 1 billion monthly active users, showing or proving their huge popularity (the quality of being liked a lot or done a lot). It’s interesting that the study discovered that Facebook and Google alone possess the majority of the top 10 social media apps. Four of the top 10 apps, including the two most used ones, Facebook and WhatsApp, are owned by Facebook alone. Also, Google owns four of the top ten social media apps, including Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps.


Most people agree that social media has significantly changed how we connect and communicate with one another. It has helped communication with people throughout the world and created new channels of expression. It might be challenging to keep track of which social media apps are the most popular, though, because there are so many of them. We’ll examine the top 10 social media apps, computer programs in this article so you can decide or figure out which ones are most often used.

1. Facebook

Facebook is definitely the most popular social media app (with a raised, flat supporting surface), with over 2 billion active members. You can share photographs, movies, and other stuff with people all over the world with it.

2. WhatsApp

There are more than 1 billion active users of the messaging service WhatsApp. It is very well liked because it is free and easy to use.

3. Instagram

Almost 800 million people use the photo- and video-sharing app Instagram daily. It’s a fantastic (raised, flat supporting surface) for interacting with loved ones and sharing your life.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging app that allows you to send photos and videos that disappear after they’re viewed. It’s popular with people of all ages and has over 200 million active users.

5. Twitter

You can share brief updates with your followers on the microblogging site Twitter. With over 300 million active users, it’s a terrific way to stay updated on events.

6. LinkedIn

A professional-focused social media app is called LinkedIn. It is a terrific tool to interact with possible jobs or business prospects and has over 500 million active members.

7. Pinterest

With the help of Pinterest, you may share and find new ideas visually. It brags more than 200 million active users and is excellent for those looking for inspiration.

8. Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular microblogging website among teenagers and young adults. It has more than 550 million active users and is a terrific (raised, flat supporting surface) for expressing oneself.

9. VK

The social media app VK is well-liked across Europe. You may interact with people from all around the world thanks to its more than 400 million active members.

10. WeChat

China is home to the messaging program WeChat. It brags more than 900 million members that are active and provides a range of activities, including video calls and games.

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2. Facebook

NRP the new facebook.com final 1With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most widely used social media apps. It is a fantastic (raised, flat supporting surface) for communicating with loved ones, exchanging information, and meeting those who share almost the same interests. Facebook can be used in many ways. You can use it to play games, keep up with the news, participate in groups and discussions, and much more. Facebook may be used to network with companies, follow your favorite brands, and discover new products (that are bought and sold) and services. Facebook is a flexible (raised, flat supporting surface) that may be used for a variety of goals. Facebook is a fantastic alternative if you want to keep in touch with friends and family, meet others who share your interests, or find out about new products (that are bought and sold) and services.

3. Twitter (X)

Twitter is a social media app where users can communicate with one another by sending quick messages, or “tweets,” to other users. With more than 321 million monthly active users as of 2018, one of the most widely used ways of writing, reading, and watching news, opinions, videos, etc. is Twitter. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams launched Twitter in March 2006. The raised, flat supporting surface was introduced that year in July. Twitter gained the quality of being liked a lot or done a lot quite quickly; by 2009, it was among the most widely used social media apps worldwide. Users of Twitter can send each other text, pictures, and links. Users can also share or retweet the tweets of other users. Although tweets can only be 280 characters long, Twitter is famous for the state of being well said with a small number of words. Famous people, politicians, and corporations are among the important or famous users who have joined Twitter as a result of is (quality of being liked a lot or done a lot. Twitter has also been a location/sta social activity. The #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter movements, for instance, both got their start on Twitter. There are many reasons why Twitter is a well-liked social media tool. Users can connect with others quickly and extremely easily thanks to its simplicity of use and clarity.

4. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a way of writing, reading, and watching news, opinions, videos, etc.that both companies and job searchers (for something) use often. Users can build profiles on LinkedIn and connect with other people. Users can also also look for businesses and jobs on LinkedIn also. A fantastic approach to network with other professionals and businesses is through LinkedIn. On iOS and Android phones and tablets, LinkedIn is a free app.

5. Instagram

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Instagram had more than a billion monthly active users as of June 2018. Eighty percent of these users reside outside of the US. Facebook, Inc. owns Instagram, a social media app for sharing images and videos. It was introduced in October 2010 after being developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram is a (raised, flat supporting surface) for messaging in addition to sharing images and videos. Users can add text, stickers, and (little computer picture that shows emotion) to photographs and videos before sharing them. They can privately send messages and respond to other users’ posts. The program also includes a Stories feature that enables users to share slideshow-style images and videos with friends and followers. Instagram is (like nothing else in the world) from other (ways of writing, reading, and watching news, opinions, videos, etc.) in some ways. For instance, it provides filters that can change the (the study of beauty) of a picture or a video. To improve the quality of a photo or video, it also contains a variety of editing options. People of all ages use the social media site Instagram, which is especially well-liked. It is one of the most widely used social media apps in the world and is especially well-liked among young people.

6. Snapchat

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One of the most widely used social media app (raised, flat supporting surfaces) is Snapchat. Users can email their friends pictures and videos through it. Users of Snapchat can also add text and filters to their images and videos. Because it is simple to use and entertaining, Snapchat is a widely used app. Snapchat is especially well-liked since users may share pictures and videos with their friends. Because it enables users to add text and filters to their images and videos, Snapchat is also well-liked.

7. WhatsApp

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With more than 1 billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media app (raised, flat supporting surfaces). Users can connect with one another through text, phone, and video calls with this cross-(raised, flat supporting surface) app. Web browsers and desktop versions of WhatsApp are also (easy to get to, use, or understand). Because it is a free program and uses (almost nothing/very little) data, WhatsApp is well-liked. Because it can be accessed on a range of devices, it is very practical. Another feature of WhatsApp that is well-known is its end-to-end (turning messages into secret code), which makes communications private and only visible to the sender and the receiver. Using WhatsApp, you may communicate with your loved ones anywhere in the world. Businesses can also benefit from using it. WhatsApp allows users to call each other as well as send text, voice, and video communications. WhatsApp can be used by businesses to interact with clients, associates, and staff members. WhatsApp is the app for you if you’re looking (for) for a quick, cost-free, and private way to communicate with others.

This question cannot be answered for sure because it mostly depends on the preferences of the individual. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few of the most widely used social media apps.

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